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Sexual health education curriculum for grades 9-12

Please note: Handouts and assessments can be printed, the lesson plan cannot. No portion can be downloaded.

Course Content

    HS Lesson 1: Climate Setting

    HS Lesson 2: Reproductive System and Pregnancy

    HS Lesson 3: Pregnancy

    HS Lesson 4: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

    HS Lesson 5: Undoing Gender Stereotypes

    HS Lesson 6: Healthy Relationships

    HS Lesson 7: Coercion and Consent

    HS Lesson 8: Online Safety

    HS Lesson 9: Abstinence

    HS Lesson 10: Birth Control Methods

    HS Lesson 11: Preventing HIV and Other STDs

    HS Lesson 12: Condoms to Prevent Pregnancy, HIV and STDs

    HS Lesson 13: Testing for HIV and other STDs

    HS Lesson 14: Communication and Decision Making

    HS Lesson 15: Improving School Health


Public Health- Seattle & King County develops, publishes and holds the copyright to all FLASH materials. They have been leaders in developing sexual health education materials for over 30 years.


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